Spirit Fitness CB900 Fitness Bike
The CB900 expounds on three critical areas – durability, comfort and performance. It is a perfect addition to a club, corporate fitness/recreation center, school or hotel because it’s stout design will withstand hours of consistent use. The needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle, industrial grade Hutchinson PK poly-V® belt, and our three piece crank work synergistically to create the perfect formula for durability and performance. The adjustments of the handlebars and seat in two directions along with SPD dual pedal design, and easy to maneuver “L” adjustment handles provide a comfortable fit for any size rider.

The premium ISIS bottom bracket cartridge features ten splines that ensure greater surface area contact, a sturdier connection, and less maintenance than a traditional square joint. This bottom bracket cartridge is used on high end bicycles. These attributes ensure top performance for the life of the product.
Spirit Fitness CB900 ISIS Cartridge
Spirit Fitness CB900 Flywheel/Drive Belt
Spirit Fitnesss CB900 Handlebar Adjustment
Spirit Fitnesss CB900 Dual Function Pedals



Dual adjustments of the handlebars & seat in two planes and easy to maneuver “L” handles provide customization for any rider.


Needle bearings that encompass the flywheel and pedal/crank joint promote quiet, fluid rotation.

ISIS Spline

The splined receiver for the pedal cranks enhances stability and requires less maintenance than a square receiver.


A heavy duty 20 kg steel flywheel with a concave groove on the inner edge of the perimeter to disperse sweat.

Spirit Fitness CB900 Fitness Bike
€ 1295,00



Brake Felt Pad
Flywheel Steel, 20 kg, Front
Product Weight 69 kg
Product Dimensions 107 cm x 54 cm 103 cm
Weight Capacity 159 kg

Commercial Warranty

Frame 10 Years
Parts 3 Years
Labor & Wear Items 1 Year