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Medical Systems
Spirit medical Treadmill

Treadmill MT200

Treadmills have long been used in therapy and conditioning to encourage patient compliance. Now, the small speed increments, specially configured handrails, and gait monitoring permit the neurologically impaired patient population to safely benefit as well.
Spirit medical ligfiets

Bike MR100

Enables a clinician to adjust the bike to accommodate a patient’s ROM performance capabilities. This includes independently, single side or bi-lateral adjustments from a limited range-of-motion as small as 15 degrees through full range-of-motion.
Spirit Medical Upright Bike

Bike MU100

The Spirit MU100 is an easy product to set up and use, from the adjustments to the intuitive interface. Patella femoral conditions, total knee replacements, ACL, MCL, and PCL repairs, other ligamentous repairs, arthritic conditions and many more conditions will benefit.
Spirit Medical Stepper

Stepper MS300

Provides full body workout, building strength and range-of-motion and utilizing wellness programs to increase longevity. Enables users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of-motion capabilities.