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Spirit Fitness Treadmills


Our flagship product line, which was introduced in 1986, has continued to evolve with the times. Whether you are a beginner interested in walking or an athlete dedicated to running, there is a model to fit your needs.
Spirit Fitness Walkstation


The WALKDESK allows you to benefit of exercise while you’re at work. Your physical level and mental health will also be improved and all of this while you are mailing, telephoning, reading or delegating.

Spirit Fitness e•Glide Trainers


High performance and innovation are two ways to describe our e•Glide products. We define these “hybrid trainers” as a cross between a traditional elliptical and a quality indoor/outdoor performance cycle.
Spirit Fitness Elliptical Trainers


A unique blend of cardiovascular conditioning and lower body strengthening is addressed with this full weight bearing modality. Each elliptical is equipped with several features that will help you fulfill your exercise goals.
Spirit Fitness Rameur


Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness semi-recumbent bikes. Easy adjustments, bright LCD screens, a cooling fan, and mesh back seats are standard on all models.
Spirit Fitness Fitness Bikes

Air Rower

With ultra-smooth air resistance for that real ‘on the water’ feel, the Spirit R800 air rower is a terrifically high quality piece of fitness equipment for the home user. Rowing is a fantastic form of cardiovascular workout which also helps build upper body strength.