Spirit Fitness XG400 e-Glide Trainer
All Spirit Fitness e•Glide Trainers are designed with convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. We are confident that if you enjoy the experience – proper ergonomics and biomechanics, a smooth, quiet stride, important workout data feedback, and challenging programs, that you will adhere to a regular exercise routine with whichever e•Glide you choose.

The XG400 is our top of the line e•Glide Trainer. It has the same basic design as the XG200, but with many more programming options and product features. This model is geared around someone that values extensive feedback and maximum workout variety. It will appeal to both runners and cyclists as a cross training modality that is full weight bearing, without the impact.

This unit features the patent pending “Direct Drive” system that creates a fluid, friction free experience, electromagnetic resistance, contact and telemetric heart rate, and full programming capabilities.


Muscle Activation

It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout. On our e•Glide Trainers, you will be using your glute (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), calf, pec and arm muscles.

Heart Rate % Profile

There is a bar graph integrated into the console that lets you know where your heart rate is in relation to projected maximum (calculated when you enter your age in the programming section of each program)

Foot Pedals

2° of inversion of each pedal places your body into an anatomically correct position throughout the workout


There is a bar across the back of the unit that allows you to safely lift and roll the elliptical for repositioning


Spirit Fitness X400 e•Glide Trainer
€ 1495,00



Product Weight 96 kg
Product Dimensions 175 cm x 61 cm x 168 cm
Weight Capacity 182 kg


Heart Rate Contact & Telemetric
Resistance Levels 20


Frame, Brake Lifetime
Parts 10 Years
Labor 1 Year


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